create free nimbuzz account

Nimbuzz is a free mobile and desktop application that enables you to make calls,send messages and share files, on mobile and desktop for free. You can create a Nimbuzz account using a computer or mobile easily and in this article i will explain how to create a Nimbuzz account using your computer.

Steps To Follow :

1. First download Nimbuzz software to your computer and you get more info about downloading Nimbuzz for PC from free download nimbuzz for pc. Install Nimbuzz to your computer after downloading.

2. Open the Nimbuzz software and click on create account in the Nimbuzz software as shown in the image.

3. New panel will open asking for create user name, password, repeat password, email, phone number and lastly captcha.

4. Fill all the details in it and click on create on the panel to create the Nimbuzz account.

Note : phone number and email are optional one but i would recommend you to give correct email and password while creating account so that it will be helpful for you to recover password in case of hacking or forget password.You might also like to see how to delete nimbuzz account permanently.


Asif Daula said...

username should be of what type?

ταιħα said...

You can create a nimbuzz username between 3 to 64 characters long. A username can only contain these characters : -_.!~*()=+$

Umar Farooq said...

how to create account at nimbuzz.........

Qandil king said...


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